Saturday, September 20, 2008

Homecoming '08

Cute little eagles!
Family Picture time! (Carsyn is!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The big 3-0!

You can just see the fun that Carsyn had with John riding the tube.
All the kids again minus baby Garrett.

Not sure if they are having fun or not!

Daddy and Cutter getting ready to tube. Yes, you may need your sunglasses to look at both sets of legs in this picture.

Carsyn yelling "this is fun" the whole time tubing with John.

Carsyn and John getting ready to tube! Carsyn refused to ride with anyone but John.

Brant's hand, Carsyn, Abbey(what a cutie), Jackson, and Cutter

As most of you know Clark will be turning 30 on October 21st. We started the celebration a month early by having a group party for Clark and three other friends from high school who are all turning 30 this month and next month. We went to Lake Brownwood. We couldn't got too far because we had 6 kids from 4yrs to 8mths old with us. We did all get to go out on the lake together Saturday afternoon. I don't know how this happened but I only got pictures of the kids instead of the Birthday Boys. Maybe one of the other wives will send me some more pics. The women are the official reining "Catch Phrase" champs and we plan on defending our title next year. We are still being accused of cheating.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Henry the Hand

Henry the Hand came to Mother's Day out today to give a presentation on the proper hand washing technique. I was so happy he came! The boys came home and showed me all the ways they learned to wash their hands. Carsyn had to add that he splashed a girl with some water.
Carsyn with Henry the Hand
Cutter and Henry the hand

What the boys did a Mother's Day Out! You may have to click on them this picture to see the bigger version. Read Carsyn's homework! Try not to hit brother at Mother's Day Out! Yeah like that's going to happen.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cutter and Kurt Cobain

Today was a Nirvana kind of day for me! Clark had to work on Labor Day and to top things off he is helping host a roping tonight. UUGGGHHHH! The boys and I have been stuck at the house all day...all of us too tired from this weekend to get out. I would never had guessed that Cutter would get such a thrill out of this loud, angry music. LOL! I certainly didn't know he had dance moves like this. He dances like his Aunt Kristen who is always teaching them new dance moves. Carsyn unfortunately dances like his father. Doing the fast hop from side to side. I know parents look at their children and wonder what they will grow up to be. Well today I was pondering such thought as I watched my child with his cowboy boots, hat, spurs, football helmet, shorts, monster truck shirt and his crazy dance moves. And it hit me...that I have seen this sort of human all different forms and different levels of craziness. It hit child is going to be a.......RODEO COWBOY! Tonya can even tell you of her experience with Rodeo Cowboys. LOL! She is going to kill me for saying that. I have been around these crazy types for years since Clark college rodeod for TECH and still rodeos here and there. I'm just betting this is what those parents of rodeo cowboys experienced at 3. This is what their child acted like before they grew up and decided to streak through a college party with only his cowboy hat in the appropriate place. Forget Nirvana...we are going back to listening to Sesame Street, The Wiggles, and the torturous Veggie Tales.