Monday, April 13, 2009

Coloring of the Easter Eggs-in Skivies!

Carsyn meticulously putting stickers on his eggs! He is a perfectionist!

Future blackmail! Whose mom makes them dye eggs in their underwear? Me, that's who! And not one cup was knocked over. However, had there been clothes on, several cups would have overturned.

Cutter would put the eggs on his head and yell "bunny ears". He likes to think outside the box!

Clark's kid or mine?

This is Carsyn in bed at 9pm. He apparently fell asleep. I wondered if he was showing signs of being more like me by falling asleep in the middle of reading. I do that alot. Or if he is like Clark and thought if he slept with the book on his head that he would absorb the ABC's! I kid, I kid!

Bloggity Break/ MDO Easter Pics

Okay Clark fixed my computer finally! I can now update my blog with some not so very good pictures. Since Clark reads this, I would like to inform him that the "what a man" song goes through my head when he fixes something around this joint. HA! People-he is now turning 10 shades of red! Here are some pics from the MDO Easter Egg hunt/party!
The reason you have a twin! At MDO, they write your name on 12 eggs and you have to find them out of the 200 other eggs that belong to the other kids so your twin can pick up the one with your name too. This was not a pleasant experience for a mom with two kids at MDO!
The party table! I've never seen so many kids turn away from such cool party snacks!

The boys, the Easter Bunny, and the entire MDO class!

Cutter and the Easter Bunny! Carsyn informed me that that thing freaks him out so there is no picture of him with the Easter Bunny at the party.