Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Time!

Cutter buried(he's not sure)

Carsyn buried

Mamacita and her boys

Brotherly love

We went to Padre Island to spend some time on the beach. The boys loved to jump the waves. There was a lot of seaweed so I wasn't too thrilled. Then of course we had to bury the boys in sand!

Take me out to the Ball Game!

<---Cutter's baseball pose(he is pretending to hold a bat)

Carsyn's baseball pose

Me and my boys having some fun
We have enjoyed a lot of baseball this week. This is a great place for these two boys. We have been to two Hooks games and probably will go back tonight after the family night meal at the conference. OH have I mentioned we are in Corpus this week? Clark is here for Ag teachers conference. The boys really enjoy watching the big screen and seeing the baseball players do their poses. They try to imitate them. I caught both of them doing their baseball card poses with my cameras. We have had tons of fun this week. Trying to get our blog updated on all the fun stuff.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No longer Momma....

My name is no longer momma. Maybe it was just too simple or not spicy enough for my two little boys. My new name is>>>>>>>>>>>MAMACITA! From now on that is what you will hear them yelling across stores and other places when theya re looking for me. Thanks Clark!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cutter said......

Yesterday was Mother's Day Out! I love Tuesdays! The theme at MDO was winter. Why they picked the hottest day of the year to pretend like it's winter I will never know. Cutter and Carsyn just had to wear their big pants(denim jeans) but I was able to talk them into a short sleeve shirt by telling them that they could wear their jackets and ski hats. Carsyn chose a shirt so I tried to put the same shirt on Cutter but he was having none of that. He wanted to wear his new shirt that says "Mimi's Boy". It's probably a good thing the other kids can't read because he probably would have had a hard day at school. We made it to school and was putting every thing into their cubbies. Remember they are wearing a jacket and ski hat.

Cutter says "Mimi's Boy is hot". I thought that was so funny. I asked who Mimi's Boy was and he said "cutter". So we had to take off the jacket and hat!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 5 and 6

Day 5- The picture above is of Carsyn and Cutter at the convention. This is during pre-session and they play lots of loud music which means lots of dancing for my boys. We also visited our neighbors who mainly live in Lubbock. They come in once every couple of months. We had pie and coffee at their house and the boys got to see their huge cat. What else could two boys want? We also drove back to Snyder later this evening so we could take advantage of one more night with my grandmother and grandpa. The boys had a blast and are still talking about all they did

Day 6-Did not leave Snyder until 3pm due to Clark running late. We met up so I could put all the "big kids" luggage in the back of my truck. Then I followed a school bus all the way home driving 60mph. My 2hr45min trip took us 4 hours. I was tired...still am I guess. I have to rest up this week so I can be ready to spend the week in Corpus next week....if the hurricane doesn't hit!

Day 3 and 4

Day 3- We attended the convention during that morning. The boys loved the laser show and to see all the big kids in action. Later that afternoon, we met up with one of our friends from college, Kelly, and her little girl, Braylee at the park. They played and played. I left my camera in the truck. Hopefully Kelly will post some pictures soon and I can post them here.

Day 4- Oh what a day! It was so much fun. That morning we went to a place called Jump N Jungle for Mommy and me time. That means kids under 6 are the only ones allowed...besides moms and dads of course. This place was a 10,000 sq ft barn with huge blow up bouncers. Two had such steep slides that I even lost my tummy. Wished it would have stayed on the slide too. They ran for 2 hours straight. Never stopped once...even to check to see where I was. I tried to keep up but finally gave up. After lunch, we went to the FFA convention to watch a Goldthwaite student sing the national anthem. Pretty awesome! The boys and I then headed for the Science Spectrum for a movie about dinosaurs. They weren't too sure at first but as soon as the dinosaur turned around and pooped down on us, Carsyn leaned over and said "this is fun mommy". And I have continued to hear about the dinosaur pooping. I have to include one last picture from this day because after 4 days, these boys were tired.

This is Cutter and Carsyn passed out in the bed together at 6pm. They were so tired that they didn't wake up until the next day at 7am. If only I could wear them out like this everyday.

Lubbock-Day 2

Day 2 we drove into Lubbock at lunch time. Luckily, my Nanny and Papa were in Lubbock at the same time coming home from Ruidoso so they met me at the mall for lunch. Did I mention that it rained all day? I was beginning to worry how I was going to get these kids worn down before taking them to the hotel or FFA convention. South Plains Mall has an indoor play place. My kids are probably pushing the size limitations but I let them play anyways. There were just a few kids there at first. Carsyn did get into a dispute with a little girl. I guess he made her mad so she slapped him so in turn he slapped her back. In the South Plains Mall, I gave my first speech on how no matter what, we do not hit girls. They finally got tired so that was my cue it was safe to do a little shopping. Later in the afternoon we met up with Clark and the "big kids". We went to Buffalo Wild Wings....I have no idea why we took a bunch of high school kids to a bar but we did. Who eats hot wings without a drink to go along with them? Not me!

Lubbock Trip-Day 1

Day 1 mainly was travel. We traveled from Goldthwaite to Comanche. Comanche to Snyder..all by lunch time to spend a day and night with my grandparents. Of course we had some really great food for lunch. Why is it that your grandmother's food is always better than anything else? Later in the afternoon we took the boys to the Splash Pad located in the park. The boys love this. I love it because it doesn't hold water so I don't have to worry about them being in water that is too deep. Of course I always say that if a kid is going to do something mortifying, it's going to my kid that does it. Cutter forgot that we weren't in the country anymore. He decided to pull his swimming shorts down right in the middle of the Splash Pad to take a little tinkle break. I bet I turned 10 shades of red.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Family Photo

Clark, Carsyn, Raider Red, Summer, Cutter
It's hard for us all to get in the same picture but it worked out today because the boys were terrified of Raider Red.....until he got his guns up! Then the boys wanted their picture. They yelled "go tech", "wreck em' tech", and "go red raiders". They really put on a show for all the TTU booth personnel. We have had a great week but I am TIRED. Will post more about trip this weekend..hopefully!.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cutter and Carsyn's View

I went to take the boys to swimming lessons last night and the swim instructor's mom just happened to be there. She had to sit me down and tell me all the good stories Cutter and Carsyn had been telling their swim teacher, Baylie. Baylie is a junior in high school by the way. Clark has mentioned more than once that he had to learn to swim from his grandmother not a cute high school girl. So Baylie's mom begins to tell me all the little stories. We laughed and laughed until we were in tears so I thought I would share. Some explaining will have to go along with this so be patient.

Cutter on being put under water-"That was rude! I did not want to do that!" Baylie said he said it in all seriousness and he was a little mad at her too. Apparently Clark's mom has been telling them it's rude to splash each other in the bath tub.

Carsyn on how he got his bruise on his hip-"Clark hit me real hard cause I got attitude" Now if you don't already know, Clark is the sucker around here. Carsyn will say "Daddy don't spank me" and Clark will actually give in. I did go ahead and explain that Carsyn actually got that bruise when he was running from his brother at Mimi's and ran into a chair. What a stinker. At least the kid realizes he has attitude but I have to realize he just isn't willing to change it.

Carsyn on being too full to swim- "i ate too much cassewole(casserole). It was green. Cassewole makes me big" Again, where does he come up with this stuff!

Cutter on Baylie's anatomy - "Baylie, you have boobies" Thanks Titi! Maybe you can give them the birds and the bees talk when they go to Kindergarten! I was mortified. But Baylie thought it was hilarious.

Thank heavens for understanding swim instructors and their parents! I'm afraid this is only the beginning of my being shocked, embarrassed, and maybe a whole lot of mortified by what these boys will come up with to say in public.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carsyn's Swimming Pictures

Great blackmail picture for the future girlfriends to see.

Carsyn and his swimming muscles!
Cool Dude!
Carsyn had a blast. Went off the slide and under the water first thing. I think Carsyn will be a natural born swimmer.

The picnic

Mimi and her bubbas enjoying their picnic!

"That Cat"-Part 2

"That Cat" now known as Houdini
Yes, there is more. This cat has been giving Mimi and PiPi the fits. After mom brings the cat home from the office in a paper box, she leaves him sitting out on the carport in the box with the lid on. While she is inside changing clothes and getting supper ready, dad comes in and asks where the cat is. She says "on the carport in the box". He says "I didn't see any box". While MiMi was inside, a wind storm had blown up and blew the cat and the box way. She still hasn't found part of the box. So again the cat is missing. Around 9:00pm the cat shows back up and Mimi stealthily sneaks up on it and captures it. They decide to put the cat in a 50 gallon drum barre ll for the night..with food and milk of course. The cat loves being in the barrel but Mimi decides the next morning that Pipi should put it in a horse stall during the day after he turns out the horses. I'm sure this was Pipi's worst nightmare. Sometime in the course of the day the cat digs out of the horse stall and escapes. Mimi comes home to find there is no cat. So last evening she is sitting outside talking on the phone and she sees the cat jump out from under PiPi's truck. This cat loves cars. So again she has to sneak up on it and capture it. As of about 9pm last night the cat was crated in the horse trailer. I said Pipi will turn into the weird cat guy because every time he loads his horses, that cat will have to go too. Imagine that and try not to giggle. Well I better get back to my chores. I'm sure there will be more to this story.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Countdown is On

It's finally time. I don't know if I'm dreading this trip or looking forward to it. We are leaving Sunday for our trip to Lubbock for the State FFA Convention. I am so thankful it is in Lubbock since we have lots of friends there and I think I know my way around pretty good. What I am dreading is the next 3 days of cleaning, washing, and packing. I always forget something MY toothbrush. I'm also dreading the drive. The boys are usually pretty good. I always pack a lot off movies and a few snacks to keep them entertained. The problem is now that they are potty trained, it's fun to see how many times they can get mommy to stop the truck for a bathroom break. I always stop because I do no want to deal with an accident but I finally get smart and realize they are playing games with me. We will stop in Snyder on Sunday and spend the night with my grandparents. Before the boys were born, I would go there to get spoiled but I'm just chopped liver now. I barely get a hug from anyone when I get there. They come out and get the boys and I'm left there standing with the bags. LOL! It's really not that bad. My grandmother will get halfway to the porch and realize she hasn't hugged me and come back. I'm okay with being second best...I had my turn for 23 years and would love for my boys to be spoiled by them like I was....without having to deal with the aftermath that my dad always talks about. I probably will not post the rest of the week unless it's something really exciting. I plan on being very busy. I most likely will take my computer and be able to post some things from Lubbock. We have plans to meet up with friends and do some stuff. Then there are my chaperoning duties. I guess Clark has one girl he is really worried about so guess who will get to handle that...ME! I hope to come off intimidating..someone you don't want to mess with because she doesn't know me. I will keep my fingers crossed that all the other kids don't fill her in on the real me. Well I have dedicated this day to relaxation and play with my boys so I'm off to go watch them swim outside. They can throw up in this pool all they want. No one will see and I can clean the pool myself. Have a Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Rest of the Story-4th Of July Tales

So I'm going to finish my tale of our 4th of July weekend. I had made plans to go to Stephenville to meet up with MiMi. Our plans were to take the boys to Cleburne to the Splash Station. I should have know after Saturday morning that I should have stayed at home and in bed. Nothing went right. I was way off schedule and for those of you who know know that I am always on time and on schedule. So I meet up with the MiMi and we head off to Cleburne. She had prepared lunch so we could have a picnic. We stopped between Stephenville and Glenrose at a very nice road side park. Yes, we know that's where serial killers hang out! We sent PiPi a text telling him where we were. His response "Afraid someone is going to get you?". So we took a picture on MiMi's camera phone and sent him a picture of all four of us for our missing persons photo. His response "Looks like a bunch of aliens". We happily eat our lunch where Mimi and I discuss that we are glad the boys are eating right now so their food has time to settle. Remember this for later on! So we head on over to Cleburne and happily enjoy some time at the Splash Station. The next thing I know the Mimi has ditched me and is at the concession stand trying to get some drinks. So I drag these boys out and Mimi fills them up with some Hawaiian green slushy. We head back to the pool. This is where it gets a little exciting. Cutter and Carsyn wanted to show up how they could go under water..and they were doing great. Until Carsyn swallowed water on his last try. Of course there was a lot of coughing and snorting but then came the LOUD.and I do mean LOUD water burp. The kind of burp that gets every one's attention over all those kids screaming. I'm a newbie at all this so it takes me a few moments to react but i eventually start making my way to the side of the pool. On my way there, Carsyn throws up the "GREEN Hawaiian Slushy". Mothers are grabbing their children left and right. I caught most of it in my hand so I really should be the one grossed out. I look around to try to find MiMi and Cutter to tell them I think we should get out.....BUT I see them heading for the other side of the pool. My own mom is trying to pretend she doesn't know who we are. So I get out with my twin to go sit down and she eventually makes her way to her chair...after long enough that people aren't paying any attention anymore. We were the only ones getting out of the pool and leaving. Go figure!

Later at the MiMi's house, we are sitting outside and I hear a kitten crying. I look out in my dad's horse lot and there stands one of my kittens. Did I mention that on the way back from Cleburne mom and I both heard a strange noise! Well it dawns on me that this kitten has ridden up by my engine from Goldthwaite to Stephenville..from Stephenvile to Cleburne..from Cleburne back to Stephenville. So I chase it around but can never catch it. Monday morning I get ready to leave and as I am getting into my truck, I can hear this cat crying. Once again she is trying to hitch a ride. I pop the hood, take her out, and go put her in PiPi's barn. I leave. Today the Mimi calls and says that she saw the cat in her carport last night so she put out food and milk by her car. She leaves for work this morning but sees no cat. Later on at work one of her coworkers come to get her and tells her there is a problem. She is thinking in her superintendent mode so what she is about to see never crosses her mind. She walks outside to see "that cat" sleeping on her driver side tire. So she has to sneak up on this cat and grab it so she can take it back to the house. As of lunch, "that cat" was sleeping in Mimi's office in a box happy as a lark. Can you imagine this in Mimi's office? I get tickled every time I think about it.

And to top off my weekend, we went shopping at Wal-mart on Sunday and then I went in to pick up the pizza and the whole time my pants were unzipped. I thought people were smiling at me a lot.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th

This was their 4th of July TRUE!
Quick pic after a evening of shooting fireworks out at the lake.

Hope everyone had a happy 4th. We had a great time. We went out to the lake to be with Clark's family. We ate, and ate, and ate. The boys discovered their love for fireworks. Cutter did get spooked by his first sparkler. He ran away with it thinking it was going to pop. Then he decided to throw it as far as he could and it just nearly landed in the front seat of Clark's truck with the rest of the fireworks. That would have been quite a show. Have more 4th of July weekend tales but am trying to figure out how to download those pictures off my phone. Hopefully my smart husband can figure that out tonight.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cutter's First Swimming Lesson

Cutter with his swimming muscles on!
Harry Potter has nothing on this kid!

Cutter took his first swimming lesson last night. He was so cute. When we went to pick him up, he told me that he was turning into a grape(he meant raisin). He didn't say much about the lesson but once we got him home, he decided to show us how to hold our breath. He even demonstrated how to hold your breath and put your head into the water during bath time. So I guess he learned a little something. I love the pictures of him in his gear. He told me he had big muscles when he put his floaties on. Going back again tonight. Hope everyone is well.