Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mommy's First Mate!

I was asleep but.......
now I am awake!
Aren't you digging my outfit? Wished you had one? I'm too cute!

This is how we do it.....

Meet my hard headed, strong willed, know it all child. This is Cutter, NO BUTTER(how he expects us to remember he doesn't like butter), Campbell! We are working cattle this week and he insisted on wearing his heavy denim Wrangler work shirt. We tried and tried to explain he was going to get hot. We finally decided he was just going to have to learn that lesson himself. I got a reprieve and was able to go to the air conditioned grocery store with Carsyn and Owen because we were out of everything. Clark came home with this picture of our son learning his lesson. It is kinda cute! Vicki, don't let Brooke see this cowboy. She might fall in love. HA! Off to gather, chase, work, separate and sale more of one of God's most stubborn, annoying, and frustrating animals. COWS!

BTW, I now have that song "this is how we do it" stuck in my head. This song commemorates a summer of cheerleading camp at Texas Tech. If I hear this song, I am immediately at camp again. Pathetic I know!