Sunday, February 28, 2010

9 Months OLD!!!!!

Owen today you are 9 months old. Technically, you have been here as long as I was pregnant. You are so much fun! Today, Daddy broke out the inflatable jumper for your brothers and then put you on it during their time out. You LOVED it!

Some things you are doing at 9 months:

-Standing up every where.
-Crawling every where.
-Getting into every thing.
-Say bye, bye da da.
-Clap until you scare yourself.
-Eat any and all foods.
-Bounce up and down like you are riding a horse when you are playing with your horse jumper.
-Kick me to make me go like your brothers do their horses.
-Dance a little when music is turned on.
-Still a momma's boy but turn me down when you see your new friend.
-Love to play in your brother's room. Love to be with your brother's anywhere.
-Love to join in the wrestling with your brothers.
-Have started crawling to daddy and pulling on his pant legs to pick you up when he gets home from work.

Working hard to get up on the slide portion of the jumper.
This is GRRReatt!

Going to town! Momma realized this is like a huge play pen and you go and go and go and have no energy left when you get off. It makes you very tired.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cutter and Carsyn received one last Christmas present in the mail yesterday. These are their new cowboy shirts. Now Carsyn has 4 shirts he is willing to wear. I am thankful! Can you tell a personality difference between these two boys? Carsyn has to be completely put together and look just right where as Cutter is just happy to wear whatever, however. Notice the chaps and belt buckle! Carsyn tried to fix it for him but that's just not Cutter's style.
On to this picture. Cutter and Carsyn love to help give Owen a bath. If I wasn't afraid of Owen getting under water, I probably could turn this job over to Cutter and Carsyn. They do a great job and I just have to say "Don't pour so much water over his head" a few times. Owen loves their attention. He has this full laugh that just puts the biggest smile on mine and Clark's faces. He even enjoys it when C&C squirt him in the face with his rubber ducky. So last night the big boys run out of the bathroom and then streak back in and literally just jump in with Owen. He thought it was great but it got a little too wild for momma. But not before catching this blackmail picture for the future.

Snow Day Feb 2010

Snow Ball Fight #1
Mommy and Big 0.

Cutter is sooo happy!

I'm not sure what Carsyn is doing here. Maybe a happy dance or I'm freezing dance.

Let's go back inside face!

Cutter catching snow. This is the greatest picture.

Bubba snow angels.

Watching Daddy show them how it's done.


Cutter and Carsyn-Valentine's Party 2010
Carsyn-always all smiles for the camera.

Poor Cutter-this was the start of the 2 week plague that came to our house in Feb 2010.

See the girl behind Carsyn. That is the famous Avery. The girl he is gonna marry when he grows up. Too bad she is a cousin! She is absolutely 100% a spit fire.

Monday, February 1, 2010

6, 7, 8 month pics

8 Months
You have two little teeth now. They are sharp. You basically eat table food. I try to give you a little of what we have every night. You still consume a lot of milk. You are fully weaned but still drink at least 4ozs every 3 hours.

You are crawling everywhere. You are pulling up on everything. You even transfer from one thing to another while standing if it's close. You are one busy guy.

Look at that face. You are just sooo cute. I can't say no to it. Those big eyes. You are still a momma's boy and have me wrapped around your finger 100%. You play with toys all the time. You will even sit down to read a book. You are beginning to think daddy is an okay guy. You follow your brothers every where they go if you can keep up. You say da da, bye bye, and mama. You wave bye.

7 Months
You were just beginning to crawl and sit up. You nursed all the time. You experienced your first Christmas. It was so fun.
6 Month

You were not mobile at all. You were so easy to keep up with. You were just discovering toys. You still wanted only momma.