Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday Tales

Well I'm finally getting to post some pics of all the birthday fun. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's on the boys actual birthday. Then the day after we had a birthday party with Clark's family. Followed by a party with mine the weekend after. The best present was a trampoline which the boys spend a lot of time getting rid of all the extra energy that they have. They also got a new pair of boots and a new hat from MiMi and PiPi which they try to sleep in. It seems like we have celebrated their birthday the whole month of May. I can't believe how they have changed from three years ago.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day/Boy's Birthday

This past week was eventful to say the least. I got a new truck. Had to take Cutter to the Dr. Organized, cleaned, and prepared for the boy's birthday party on Sunday. We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday since they have been doing really well with the potty training. We haven't had any accidents in over a week. I am so happy. No more diapers.

In honor of Mother's Day, my mom sent me the video that is posted above so that I could see what I had to look forward to. I get so tickled every time I watch it. It does make me wonder which one of the boys will take after these guys. Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. If you are in need of a good laugh, watch the video above. I love it!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Beauty and the Beast...go to Prom

We went to prom. You can make your own decision who was the beauty and who was the beast. It was fun. My favorite part was when Clark's old history teacher, who he now works with, got up on stage and did the robot. Priceless! As you can see, I got my hair done. I was going for Marilyn Monroe but it came out looking more like Shirley Temple. That's my life story....going for the bad girl look and ending up looking like Shirley. I tried to kiss this old toad after prom but he never would turn into a prince. Instead he got into his own truck and went off to the river to hang out with his best friend from high school. What a prom date!

Baby Turtle

This is "baby turtle". I found him on Tuesday when I was mowing the grass. You can see by the picture of Cutter holding him in the palm of his hand that he was tiny. Probably the smallest turtle I have ever seen. And since this family has become obsessed with pet turtles ever since Mimi and Pipi bought their house in Stephenville with the turtle yard, the boys had to keep him. So he lived in a feed bucket for a few days with lettuce, grass and water. I finally convinced the boys that he was looking for HIS mommy like they did theirs sometimes and that seems to change their minds about turning him loose. We took him to our tank and he swam off. I think he turned and waved but then just continued to swim. The boys did take good care of him for those few days. They made sure he had plenty of turns on the slide and swing and that he had plenty of water. It was cold water out of the refrigerator but oh well..they were being self reliant.

Wagon Ride

The boys experienced life of the old west when an annual trail ride was held here in Goldthwaite. This wagon train always come across Clark's grandparent's ranch. They even ride up to the yard of the ranch house so that everyone in the house can see the wagons and such. Here is a picture of the boys getting a ride on a wagon pulled by Luke. Luke was one tired mule.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crazy Week!

It's been a crazy week around this household. This is after the crazy, hectic past two weeks with Clark gone and working crazy hours. However, he finally took a day off on Tuesday so we could take care of some of our stuff. That was so nice. I got the yard mowed which most of you know it's way more than just a yard because we live out in the middle of a pasture. As I was mowing, I found the boys a new pet. It was a baby turtle that isn't even the size of one of the boy's hands. I asked what they wanted to name the baby turtle. They said "baby turtle". Like DUH! Will post pictures of boys and Baby Turtle soon! We got calves to the sale. I only got chased up the fence by a bull once. Not posting pictures of that. Clark however would probably post a sound blip of me screaming bloody murder. Hey what can I say..I seriously thought he was bluffing but he wasn't and that is every woman's natural defense. When I got back in the truck, the boys asked if I saw a snake. They know me so well already! We are off to Stephenville to sale horses tomorrow. We will come home on Saturday morning so the boys can attend their cousin's birthday. Then Saturday night, Clark and I are going to prom. That's right! Prom! We are chaperoning...not really happy abut that. I did try on my dress for alterations yesterday. Cutter said "Mommy is a princess". It was so sweet. He is a real charmer. Now if only his Daddy thought along the same lines. Ha! I guess you can wish in one hand and.....well you know the rest of the saying. It should be interesting to see how good of a chaperon we make. Hope everyone has a good weekend. ONLY 10 more days until Cutter and Carsyn will be 3 years old. Time has flown by.