Wednesday, June 25, 2008

School Update!

I thought I would share a little update. The boys are loving it and are excited to go there every Tuesday. When I pull up to drop them off, they scream "I stay here, I stay here". They love their teacher, Miss Susan. They will stop me in the middle of the day to tell me that they like Miss Susan. They go to the library for story time. Last week's theme was itsy, bitsy spiders. They had to pretend being spiders all week and they know I hate spiders. It gave them great pleasure to give me the heebie-jeebies. This week I asked what they did at the library and they said "we ate dog food". I know that the library has a cat that lives there so I assumed that they actually ate cat food. This would be no suprise. Carsyn clarified it for me by telling me it had chocolate on it. I assume that it was a snack called "puppy chow" or they somehow found chocolate to pour on the cat food and decide to eat it. I spent the day shopping but we won't talk about how much shopping I did. I did get some great deals on the boys some clothes for vacation and I got a few things myself. It did fill a 30 gallon plastic bucket that I had to buy to put their clothes in that they had outgrown. Out with the old in with the new I guess! Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures taken from Megan's Wedding!

We went to Rotan this weekend for the wedding. Besides an incident at Cracker Barrel, it went pretty smoothly. Oh, and if you forget that Carsyn screamed from Abilene to Roby because I wouldn't give him his snake because of the incident at CB. Kristen broke out the camera and got some pretty good pictures. Pictures I know I will cherish.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I thought I planted geraniums!

I thought I had planted geraniums in my planter but this is what continues to bloom every morning and every evening. I've decided it's a waste of time to plant flowers with two little boys and kittens running around. The real reason my geraniums didn't make it in this planter is that Carsyn decided I needed some flowers one day. So he picked the whole geranium plant...roots, dirt and all and brought them to me. It was the thought that counted. I tried to replant them but they were never the same.

Oooh la la..and Clark looks good too!

Taking time out from drinking champagne to catch a photo of how we shared our 5Th anniversary.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

5th Anniversary

Saturday is our anniversary. We will have been married for 5 years. It seems so long ago at times but 5 years is really a short period of time when thinking of the big picture. Can I take 50-60 more years of this? Ha..I guess i will try.

We are getting up early Saturday to take the boys to Mimi and Pipi's house. Clark and I will then go on to somewhere(not sure yet) to play golf. Clark and I played a lot of golf in our free time during our first year of marriage but of course I got pregnant and haven't thought of golf since then. So my golfing skills will be a little rusty and Clark might actually win. After golfing, we will go back to the MiMi's house and get duded up to go to Ft Worth. Clark wants to go to 8.0 bar and cafe on Sundance square for dinner. Then we are off to Bass Hall to see Lucia Di Lammermoor. Suppose to be one of the most romantic Italian operas ever written. Clark jokingly asked if they served beer at the opera. Ha! I'm taking bets on how long it takes him to fall asleep. Maybe he will be a better anniversary date than he was a prom date. Or maybe not. Will update you on who won the golf game and how mad the other person was!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Mother's Day Out!

Showing off their new back-packs that the got for their birthday.
Brotherly love right before we loaded into the truck.

Cutter just got up and said " I go to school".
Today was the first day of Mother's Day Out. Excitement filled the house this morning as we all prepared to leave the house. The boys were excited to be going to school. I was excited that I was going to be free for 6 straight hours. I had no idea what to do with myself. I did get my house cleaned and when i mean clean i mean clean like before we had kids. The boys were gone from 9am-3pm. When I went to pick them up, Carsyn came running saying "you came back". I guess he was concerned. Clark is always telling them they better behave or I'm going to run off and never come back. They usually don't pay much attention to such things. On the way home I asked Carsyn what he did at school and he said "I played". I asked Cutter and his response was "I jumped on those girls". Still not sure who "those girls" were. The teacher said they were the perfect angels of the day and that the only incident occurred at lunch where Carsyn punched Cutter in the lip and Cutter bled all over the place. I thought that sounded like a pretty tame day compared to some of the days I have. Hope everyone is keeping cool in this extremely hot heat!