Sunday, May 31, 2009

Owen's arrival!

hello all!

owen here! i'm taking a break out of my busy schedule to tell you about my birthday. i must brag on myself and tell you what an awesome baby i am. my mommy says i haven't cried since birth. what's there to cry about ? i have it made! back to my birthday story! have you ever been sleeping and felt like someone was staring at you? this happened to me thursday! except when i woke up, i could see dr. kim looking at me through my water bag. she was asking for the NICU team because she thought i might have poo-pooed in there. who does THAT? while we were waiting, dr. kim asked my daddy to come look at me. he saw me looking around trying to figure out who all these people were, why they had bright lights, and just exactly what did they think they were gonna do. next thing i know, everyone in the room is yelling about how big i am. they are all guessing my weight and of course my mommy gets the closest! here are some of my first pictures.
okay i'm a little surprised at these events!
had i not tinkled all over the NICU docs, my baby warmer, and then all over the wall beside this weight machine, the computer would have registered me as the 10lbs that i worked so hard to obtain.

my first photo with my mommy and daddy!

got your tickets to the gun show?

my mommy is finally getting to hold me. isn't she a looker! especially after surgery that gave her an arrhythmia for 3 hours! daddy is pretty cool too!

ahhhhh! this is the life! mommy and i napping after a long day.

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