Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mommy's First Mate!

I was asleep but.......
now I am awake!
Aren't you digging my outfit? Wished you had one? I'm too cute!


Shelley said...

I LOVE onesies!!! So cute :)

Shelley said...

Hey, Thanks for your comment today. Marilyn is a fighter and will fight cancer once again! I know she will :)

I think we are living town before the game tomorrow night. If we dont I will email you. We MUST meet soon! I also want to meet Tonya SOON! I wish yall could come to Brady to see Seth Saturday night. It would be so fun. Let me know if you get away and get to drive over. We will be there all weekend staying with my brother.

I told Will your little secret about you younger girls gawking over he and Seth. He said it was all over Seth! I think my hubs is cute but I am a bit biased :) Let us know if your plans change. Get a sitter and COME! My cell # is 254-784-0457...if you make it~