Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Pics at Sliger's

Cutter and Carsyn-loving their little pumpkins!
I love this picture. It just shows the love Carsyn has for Owen. See Owen's fingers. He is expressing in his own baby sign language that Longhorns suck! LOL!
"Momma, I am sick of taking pictures." Literally!
"Mooom-I'm too old for this."

Sweetest boys ever!

I have to laugh at this picture. By this point we have realized that both our batteries on our cameras are dead. We've tried chasing Cutter and Carsyn all over the town of Brownwood. The baby is spitting up! I for some reason carried my sunglasses(which are on top of my head and giving me helmet hair) and my Iphone along with Owen who is not easy to carry around in the first place because he is so heavy. Not a great picture but I'm just loving being with my 3 boys. Did I mention that we also caused a pumpkin avalanche while we where there? Fun Times!

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Tonya said...

I thought your hair looked cute. :) And that is just the sweetest picture of brotherly love. Too cute!