Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Always expect the Unexpected!

You always have to expect the unexpected from Campbell men. I was tired today and not quite on my toes. We went to the store so that Clark could pick out the right kind of light bulbs. Ha. Anyways the boys had pulled me from one end of the store to the other to look at everything in sight. Meanwhile, Clark had picked up something that he thought would give me a good laugh. He was able to sneak it through the check out process and out into the car without me knowing it. I thought it was taking him a lot of extra time to buckle Carsyn into his car seat. Clark finally told me to look into the back seat. This is what I saw. Lauri has always said we shouldn't call the boys "the bubbas". She said it sounded like hillbillies. Now they just have the teeth to match. It was a funny end to a long day.

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