Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 weeks

Owen-today you are 4 weeks old! I wonder how 4 weeks can seem like a short period of time but also seem so long ago. It feels like you have been with us forever so I have to remind myself you are only 4 weeks old.

Things you do:
>You eat every 1.5hr to 2 hrs. You refuse to wait any longer than the 2 hour time frame.
>You hate formula! You have to be really desperate to eat it.
>You hold your head up really well. You did this from birth but you are now able to turn it all directions to look at things.
>You are cooing! It's more like "arrr" and when we talk to each other, your daddy reminds us that we are not pirates. We can be if you want to be though!
> You smiled at me for the first time this past week. Of course it was when we were talking pirate.
> You look for me when I walk in the room andIstart talking.
> Your favorite place to sleep is with me and in my bed. No cribs or baby beds for you. We will change this though due to all that grunting you do that keeps me up all night.
>Your eyes are finally turning to what I think will be green like mine and your bubba's eyes.

You are so laid back and peaceful! But when you do get mad, you do the "billy goat" cry and I can't get to you fast enough. Can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks bring.

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Journey of Hope said...

Awwww. Owen is changing so fast! Love the pirate talk. :)