Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two weeks!

I'm a few days behind! This past Thursday, Tonya and I adventured to Temple with two four year olds and 1 2 week old. It was time for Owen's 2 week check up. In the past two weeks he has grown an inch and gained 6ozs. Boy is he a chunk. He already holds his head up really well and stands up on his legs with very little help from us. He coos and is finally making eye contact. I really can't believe he has only been here for two weeks. It seems like it's been forever and that life wasn't complete without him. I'm pretty lucky! Carsyn calls him Superman, Cutter calls him Super Turtle, and Clark and I call him turtle or monkey.

This picture makes me laugh! He is so serious.
Again, he is one serious kid! But soooo CUTE!

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