Monday, September 28, 2009

The boys and I headed to Snyder early Saturday morning to surprise my grandmother for her birthday. I think she was surprised. It took her several seconds to register when Carsyn ran up to her and said surprise. It was like she didn't know who he was! Ha! It was great. Grandmother-here are some pictures of your girls and boys! And my favorite-Grandpa and little Owen.

Carsyn-you have no idea but after this you are going to get those balls shoved into your face!

But let me not forget to tell you about the highlight of our weekend. My grandmother had requested to go see the roller derby that was coming to town for her birthday. Now I realized it probably wasn't going to be all that professional but I still had no clue what we were getting ourselves into. It was not something I would normally go see with my grandmother. I thought it was time to leave when my son asked me "why are they skating in their underwear?" and "why are those girls being naughty?". This may have been okay to take them to when they are in Junior High. My uncle had to tell them they would understand it all in 10 years. They had a merchandise booth out front and I was going to buy Kristen a pair of their underwear that said "Spank That" on them for Christmas but she wouldn't' let me. LOL! See what I mean people-not something you take your grandmother to see. I had to leave early to feed Owen but not before I got this koozie below. How cool is that? Clark was jealous but Cutter was quick to tell him we brought him one home. Ha! I think Kristen decided she could get a weekend job with this roller derby. Now if she would only follow through!

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