Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Eat!

Note: No babies in this picture were allowed to eat big people food. However, baby was used to convince our oldest son to sit down and eat his food before his little brother did it for him. Owen was convinced he was actually and finally going to get to try real food and was mad when he was taken away from his dinner plate. What a piggie!


Tonya said...

LOL! Did it work?

You better watch out. Owen's going to be up there eating with his brother's, for real, before you know it.

Shelley said...

Thats Funny!!!!

We ate lunch in Goldthwaite on Sunday on our way home! Secretly wished yall would have stopped in the local Subway except I didnt have a stitch of makeup on :)

Was it you who asked if I knew Vince Thompson? I maybe getting my emails confused. If it was you... I do know him... He and his little sister were good friends of mine in high school. I even saw his sister this weekend at the goat cookoff and asked about Vince and his new bride. Small world. The Thompsons are a sweet family :)

Have a great week!