Saturday, May 3, 2008

Beauty and the Beast...go to Prom

We went to prom. You can make your own decision who was the beauty and who was the beast. It was fun. My favorite part was when Clark's old history teacher, who he now works with, got up on stage and did the robot. Priceless! As you can see, I got my hair done. I was going for Marilyn Monroe but it came out looking more like Shirley Temple. That's my life story....going for the bad girl look and ending up looking like Shirley. I tried to kiss this old toad after prom but he never would turn into a prince. Instead he got into his own truck and went off to the river to hang out with his best friend from high school. What a prom date!

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Tickled Pink Housewife said...

I think your hair looks really cute. We do have a Bumbo chair, and Mia loves it. Feeding time has gotten much better, since she's started eating in that. The baby Ora-jel stuff you suggested also worked like a charm! I've also found that she'll eat her cereal with a little diluted apple juice!