Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Big Thank You!

A preview of the boy's Halloween costumes!
Carsyn, me, Cutter

I want to say a big thank you to my best friend, Tonya! No one will ever know how happy I am that I took that awful statistics class that semester. She continues to pay me back for doing all her statistics homework. The boys and I made our way to Wichita Falls so that I could get my hair cut. She always volunteers to help me out. She took the boys to McDonald's to play so that I could go to the salon without having to worry about them. The boys had a blast and are still talking about it. Then she went with me to our old alma mater to take some pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes. My favorite part of this little part of our day is when she tries to teach Carsyn to take our picture together by the fountains. He did do a pretty good job for a 3 year old. And if you don't mind pictures without heads, it was a perfect shot! We finally got a unsuspecting victim who was walking by to take our picture. I just want to say to Tonya how much I appreciate her friendship and how she is always willing to go the distance to help me out and make my life a little easier. You are deeply loved by this Mommy and her two little boys!

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Vicki Miller said...

LOVE the costumes! Best looking masked riders ever!!