Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jack-O-Lantern, Halloween Costumes, and other news!

Our Texas Tech Masked Rider

Their capes are identical to this years masked rider's cape!

Carsyn and the Jack-O-Lantern
Cutter and Jack-the Lantern!
So we finally got our Jack-O-Lantern carved. Thanks to Titi(that's my sister)! They were surprisingly interested in it. They asked us a hundred times what we were doing. I think they have it now.
On to the costumes. I always try to come up with something out of the ordinary for the boys to be for Halloween. I racked and racked my brain! Thankfully, my wonderfully crafty and skilled mother-in law came up with the Texas Tech Masked Rider idea. She went all out! Looked up this years Masked Rider and got detail print outs of the cape. I guess we do hint that Tech would be a good school. We did bring them home from the hospital in Tech garb. They have tech footballs, basketballs, helmets, jerseys, t-shirts, etc. You name it, they have it. We have been watching the Tech games so they can see what the Masked Rider actually does. I have also pulled it up on YouTube! Obsessed....maybe! No we aren't trick or treating on a real horse. I did have that idea but knew I might get a nasty look from the hubby. Not to mention the yards that might get fertilized. Stick horses will have to do.
The boys have their first Halloween party at Mother's Day Out on Thursday. They are trunk-or treating at the church, having scary story time at the library, decorating pumpkins, and then having a big party to top things off. Hope to attend and bring home some pictures.
In other news, we are adding a new addition to our family. Baby Campbell #3 is on his/her way. May 31st is the due date. Yes, there is only one. I have the pictures to prove it. Other than being extremely sick, we are all doing good. I have had one little hospital visit due to dehydration but hopefully I am getting better at holding down liquids. I thought I would let my blogger friends know. It is being discussed at the John Deere house here in town so I figured it's BIG news! LOL!
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.


tonyab said...

I can't wait to take this little one to McDonald's and more, too. Love you

Vicki Miller said...

Congrats you guys! I am so happy for you! Keep us posted!!

Tickled Pink Housewife said...

Are you planning on finding out what you're having, or do you want it to be a surprise?

As a student with 3 degrees from Tech, I truly appreciate and adore the Masked Rider outfits! I applaud your mother-in-law..that is serious talent!

Shelley said...

CONGRATS! We will start praying for a happy healthy baby.