Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xmas Party

So we made the big Xmas party. Santa showed and surprisingly it was other people's kids who screamed bloody murder. My boys are growing up! When I arrived, my boys were still asleep so their party animalism didn't come out until the very end. That was a huge blessing for me because it was just complete chaos. Any who, just a few little pics.

(per Tonya's request) Can you see the bump? If not, the shirt is doing it's job. (It's really more like a mound than a bump.)
Carsyn on Santa's lap. He got a NFL blue football. Made this kid's day. All my men are outside tossing the new football around as I type.

Cutter telling Santa very sternly that he wanted some Batman stuff. Santa brought Cutter a Cat bulldozer! Another big hit.
Sitting down at their designated tables. Still a little groggy from nap.

Cutter zoned out! Definitely still asleep. He kept asking me what are we were doing here for!(my mom will laugh at this because this is his favorite question)


tonyab said...

LOVE it! This made my afternoon. Thanks girl and you're definately one cute prego!

Vicki Miller said...

You look awesome girl! Hope the rest is sickness free!