Monday, February 2, 2009

Bloggity Funk

Has anyone noticed besides me that I am in a blogger's rut? Well now you know!

You would think I would have tons to write about with two 3 year olds, a husband about to be gone for the next couple of months to stock shows, and a new baby on the way. Ever since Christmas, I have been in a life funk. One depressing thing after another has happened. But that's life so I am blogging on.

The Baby:

All is well in baby land. Things are progressing at a normal rate. This pregnancy hasn't been nearly as eventful as my twin pregnancy. Thank goodness! Well there was the time two weeks ago where I did a bit of heavy shopping before my Dr's appointment which lead to some contractions which then lead to me being hauled over to Labor and Delivery for monitoring. No big deal. My new best friend is food! I am preparing myself for the break in our friendship after this baby is here. It's going to be sad. Did I mention this baby is another boy? Yes, I will be living with 4 men. Someone told me that their mother had 3 boys and she didn't have a clean toilet seat to sit on for 20 years but that she turned out alright. Thanks for the encouragement!

Cutter and Carsyn:

Oh where do I begin? I ask myself this every morning when I get up. Cutter and Carsyn are growing up. They will be 4 in May. Carsyn acts way older than his age. He doesn't want hugs or kisses anymore. He would rather be with his dad working outside or at the Ag Shop building something. Cutter is more of a momma's boy than Carsyn but Dad is #1 right now people. I can't build a water trailer with a hydraulic pump that has fire hoses on it that is going to shoot water so many feet and such and such rate of power. Clark can though!

They are adjusting to the idea of having another person living with us. Cutter is all about it. Carsyn will talk to my tummy and tell the baby he is going to take him to the baby sitter. He thinks that is where all babies go. Is he in for a big suprise or what? Cutter practices on my old cabbage patch. Will haul it all over the house but in a very gentle way. I might have to worry about Cutter getting the baby out of the baby bed. Either way I am counting on both boys to turn into great helpers.


Stock shows have begun. It has been pretty easy going but will go into full force next week when he spends 3-4 days in San Antonio. Then the next week in San Angelo. Then the next week in Austin. The only plus to this years stock shows is that Houston moved their cattle show to the week after Spring Break so he will actually be home all week. I will need that break after the next couple of weeks and the couple of weeks before the baby gets here. And thank goodness for Mother's Day Out during all this.

On a funny note, this morning as I was explaining to the boys that they could not play in our field today because their daddy had turned out his horses and as I was pointing out the places that they could play instead, Carsyn informed me that I was a good talker. HA! I wished they were as good at listening as I was at talking. I know I do a lot of it.

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