Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Conversations with a 3 year old boy

This mornings conversation with Carsyn(note I am in living room, he is in bathroom)

Carsyn : Momma, can you come wipe me?
Me: Okay, I'll be there in just a sec.
Carsyn: No, momma you are suppose to say "I'll be in there in just a sec football player"
Me: Last time I checked football players could wipe themselves
Carsyn : Not this one
(I enter bathroom)

Carsyn: Mom, I think I have diariff!
Me: What is diariff?
Carsyn: You know! Diariff!
Me: I've never heard of it before.
Carsyn: Just look at it then!
(me looking)
Carsyn: See, diariff!

Hope everyone else is having a diariff free day! Me-I am nesting like crazy. Washed the windows in the back of the house. Cleaned out the fridge and washed it down. As soon as the boys get up from their naps, we are gonna do the front windows. It's driving me crazy for no rational reason. The wind is blowing and the dirt will be right back on them. Happy Wednesday.

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tb said...

I was literally laughing out loud on this one. Almost fell out of my chair! Oh my! Just're about to have 3 of these boys!