Sunday, November 1, 2009

5 months

This Wednesday was the mark of Owen's 5th month of life. We have survived! LOL! He is a wonderful baby. You are a true blessing.

You are such a cute 5 month old. It's been the greatest 5 months.
At 5 months you:
Roll all over the place. Back to front. Front to back. All over the room.
Still love Ollie the monkey.
Watch every move your brothers make.
Eat big boy food. You love peaches and green beans.
Starting to want to sit up all the time so you can see all that's going on around you.
Finally letting daddy hold you.
Love to be outside.
Love cats. You like to grab their tails and not let go.
Experienced your first Halloween. You were a cute little lion.
Still love to jump like a wild man in your jumperoo.
Still a big momma's boy.

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