Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party at MDO!

I'm sure you have all heard Carsyn or even me mention Avery also known as Cruella Deville. This is who Carsyn tells me who he is going to marry. He doesn't understand that you can't marry a distant cousin. They are such great friends. They both light up when they see each other.
This is Cutter's MDO girlfriend. I get so tickled at her costume. Her mother is the County Attorney so it's so funny. This is such a sweet picture.

Here is Cutter and Linley. Linley is Avery's sister. I loved their costume idea. Linley cried before coming to the Halloween party thinking it was going to be scary. I said " your sister is Cruella, what's scarier than that?"

Cutter bowled a strike. Did I mention this kid beat me at bowling? Ms. Susan will be so proud to know she made the blog by clapping in the background.

I didn't quite get the point of this game but yes it was the sponge toss. They threw sponges into a pan. Where was the person that was suppose to get hit in the face with wet sponges? Maybe I forgot to volunteer for that job.

Would you like some icing with that cookie? They had a cookie decorating station where they go a huge glob of icing. Most kids just licked the icing off the knife. This was on top of all the sugar they had for snacks. Took hours for the boys to come off their sugar high.
I guess I missed getting a photo of all four of us at the party. Someone got one and I will post it as soon as I get it.

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Tonya said...

That is a great picture of Cutter and his girlfriend.