Saturday, March 29, 2008

Houston Trip

We traveled to Houston over spring break so Clark could work yet again on another one of his holidays. We did do a little sight seeing during our breaks from showing. We went to the Bass Pro Shop. Cutter thought he could live there in one of the tents. He is definitely my outdoors man. He always talks about hunting deer and fishing. He wanted to stay in the gun section a good portion of the time which gave me plenty of worries. We took them to the Galleria. Probably not a popular place for the boys to visit but they loved watching all the kids ice skate. Clark tried to persuade me into ice skating but I didn't think I could do much at home after I broke an arm or a butt bone. The big event was visiting the Houston zoo. Cutter and Carsyn fit right in with the rest of the animals. We did have a few issues with Cutter running away from us and both of them trying to climb over the fences and into the enclosures with the animals. Like a lion! They are fearless. You can see just how close the lion was to the window when Carsyn started climbing. The snake exhibit made a big impression. Clark and I have started to stress the importance of running away from a snake if they see one and not to touch them. They tell us "run away, go tell mommy or daddy..they kill it!" As you can see in the picture, Carsyn was very nervous about the snake statue. Ha! Talk about sending mixed signals. Stand by the snake and take a picture but really run away, don't touch, and tell mommy or daddy. Cutter wouldn't consider standing by it. The exhibit did have a lot of snakes we have at home so we were able to point those out. Going to the zoo with two almost three year olds is a great parental learning experience.

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