Friday, July 10, 2009

6 Weeks Old-ALREADY????

Can this big guy really be 6 weeks old already? It just doesn't seem possible. His older brothers are on vacation with their Mimi and PiPi so he is taking advantage of all the alone time with Momma and playing with his brother's things. He is patiently waiting for his Daddy to get home tonight so he can have some alone time with him before the big boys come home tomorrow. Look at that belly! Check back for vacation pics from the bubbas.


Journey of Hope said...

He needs to come see his Aunt Tonya!! :)

Or his Aunt Tonya may be coming to Stephenville's bead store before long if this WF bead store doesn't start doing better. lol

Vicki Miller said...

He gets cuter with every picture I see!