Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I've been missing having fun with Cutter and Carsyn here lately so I put on my brave face and my swim suit and went outside to hang out with them. Owen didn't know to put on his brave face but he does now! The pool part of this water slide has been full all day so when I got in, it felt like a warm bath. It was a lot of fun being with my guys again and watching them interacting with their little brother. They are great big brothers! I like to think Clark and I did something right because they are so willing to put Owen first and do whatever they can to help me. And they always want him involved. Well, most of the time anyways.

Here we are working on our tan. No, Owen and I didn't stay out for long so he didn't get burned. He loved it. He would kick his feet around a little and watch his big brothers do all sorts of tricks down the slide.
This picture cracks me up. This is what life is like most of the time for Owen and me. We are constantly just trying to stay out of the way and not get hurt. We did get splashed but Owen never made a peep. He loved the water.


Shelley said...

So cute! I still cant believe we were at the same lake on the 4th. We have to meet someday :) Have a great week...

Vicki Miller said...

LOVE the pics! I too have been enjoying a tiny pool, BUT I only have one ornery tooter to splash me....unless Steven is home that is. ;o)