Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys!

It's too late! There is nothing I can do about it. They are going to be cowboys. Our dinner conversations consist of riding broncs, roping calves, and chasing bulls. And a lot of other things. My poor little momma heart gets to racing really fast when they discuss all of this. They have been working all summer learning how to ride. Carsyn even fell off the back of his horse but got right back on. They are getting so big.
Daddy's dream come true.
Cutter likes to go fast. That's why he rides Sadie. Carsyn rides Sarge who is much older and slower.

My three big guys. What a crew!
P.S. We are headed into the doctor today for the boys 4 yr well child check. Shelly-we are headed your direction so if you hear really loud screaming around 3:30, that would be my boys getting their booster shots.


Shelley said...

I will be listening! We will be at the country club pool so I will be sure to listen :) Which DR. do you see... we are friends with most of them and Will does their CPA work. Tell them you went to school with Will... Good Luck!

Vicki Miller said...

Those pics are awesome....I fear for Steven's sanity because Brooke already LOVES cowboys! ;o) But I always tell him it could be MUCH worse!

Journey of Hope said...

Oh my. Cowboys through and through! You just better make sure they don't go bangin' on some girls trailor at night begging for her to let him in. Haha

Very cute cowboys I do have to say.