Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday LOOT!

My in laws got me this great book! I love to read about the ranches and Cutter and Carsyn like it too!

My new COACH purse from my mom and dad-way nice and totally unexpected! I love it.

My favorite movie and some punk rocker shoes that my sister claims is my style. I don't know about that.

My new bumper from my boys. I guess they are afraid I'm going to back into something. JK I love it. Also my new laptop which is my birthday, xmas, valentines, easter, presidents day, mothers day, and anniversary present for a long time LOL! I had a great birthday and got too many nice things. I also got a little birthday money..wonder what I should get? It seems I got quite a bit already.

But what would any woman want from the 3 men she loves most? Flowers? Jewelry? Chocolate? NOOOO! How about a balloon bouquet with a JOHN DEERE TRACTOR balloon right in the middle? I could tell the ones Clark picked out and the ones the boys had picked out. It was too cute of an idea!


Vicki Miller said...

LOVE the balloons! Hope it was a great one!

tonyab said...

Oh man! WOW! I love love LOVE the purse! Good job mom & dad!!!! Don't you feel special? I'm so glad you had a great day.