Friday, August 15, 2008

Why I Love Full Moons!

My sorry excuse for a camera doesn't even begin to show the beauty of this full moon.
Hint: Readers, this is a blatant hint that I am in desperate need of a new camera. My birthday is coming up and so is Christmas. LOL!

1) It provides the perfect setting for reading this new Stephanie Meyer's series that involves vampires and werewolves.

2) It gives me a great laugh that whoever chose to do tax free weekend at the same time as a full moon just gave people an excuse to act even crazier this weekend while trying to save their 8.5%.

3) Animals love to have their babies when there is a full moon and I am expecting a few any day now. I will be up tomorrow morning looking for new baby calves.

4) This still provides me with great pleasure. While I was pregnant and on bed rest for 10 week straight, I could count on a full moon providing me with an excuse to make a rushed trip to the hospital. It never failed...I went into pre-term labor. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted healthy babies but after laying in bed for a couple of weeks, I was beginning to question my sanity. This was my body's way of saying "nah, nah boo-boo" at that doctor who said I had to lay in bed all the time. One of the last time I went in during a full moon, half the town of Brownwood was in the hospital having babies. I offered to labor in the waiting room with my monitors but since I was having twins, some other poor woman had to labor in there. Oh yeah, and a baby was born right beside us in the triage room during all this. Nothing but a thin curtain separating should have seen Clark's face.

5) The boys and I call the moon a night light for all the animals so Cutter is happy that his cows have a full moon since he too is scared of the dark.

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