Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When it rains, it pours!

Walking to the creek!

The boy's puppy, Rowdy, tagging along.
Playing in the creek.

Yay! It rained! We got 2 inches at our place. Our pastures, cattle, horses, and St. Augustine grass really needed this rain. I was so happy to wake up to rain at 5:30am. I decided to let the boys have a little fun this afternoon. We have a creek that crosses our road that leads to the house. It turns into a boy's dream mud puddle when it rains. My grandmother always let us make mud pies out of her flowerbeds after it rained so I decided to teach them all I know about mud. They were worried about getting dirty at first but I finally convinced them it would be okay. They raced through the mud, threw rocks into the creek, and finally had a really good mud fight. It all was great fun...until we had to head back to the house and wash off with the water hose. Cutter and Carsyn are not big fans of getting rinsed with the water hose. "IT'S COLD!" After a good rinsing, it was time to jump on the trampoline in their birthday suits. Sorry, no pictures of that.
On a whole other note, the boys have attended Vacation Bible School each morning this week. Today was the last day. They came home covered in tattoos. Carsyn had 5 at least. Cutter had scratched most of his off by the time he got home. I wonder what they are actually being taught at that church sometimes. The theme was "Power Lab". They had the church decorated like a scientist's lab. I think they were going to blow stuff up one day but the boys haven't mentioned it. I was happy for them to attend. They came home hungry and sleepy which led to a good nap.


Shelley said...

How fun :)

Vicki Miller said...

You are such a great Momma! Good for you showing them how to get muddy! ;o)