Monday, August 25, 2008

It has been a MONDAY!

BOY, it has been a Monday! I realized that I haven't blogged in some time but I have desperately been trying to get us all back on a schedule. Today was Clark's first day back to school with kids. I had to be in Brownwood to register the boys and me for MOPS by 8:30am. I am so looking forward to getting back in with my group of MOPS friends. A good place for me to go where everyone understands what I am going through. There are quite a few moms with twins...there were 4 of us with twins last year and since then a lady has had triplets. The boys are getting ready for their first day at Mother's Day Out on Thursday here in Goldthwaite. They will be quite busy this fall going here and there. Anyways today has been full of fights and squabbles. I have never heard so much bickering. They even decided to have a full on fist fight at a play date at the park today. I think it's time for some time away from each other. I included some pictures above because I finally realized that they have no baby left to them. They look like little boys now instead of my sweet chubby cheeked little baby boys. They would say "oh gosh mom" if they could read this. They are growing up and I feel this time slipping away. It hit me today that I would be taking them to the first day of kindergarten in two years. Two years will fly by! I'm a little sad today but grateful to be able to be at home with them..even when they drive me crazy.
On a more humorous note, Carsyn told a man on the chip aisle in Walmart today that "his mommy says bad words". The man laughed and I was embarrassed. Where does this kid come up with this stuff? My birthday is on Thursday so they have been singing Happy Birthday every chance they get. Carsyn has said he bought me a new TV at a store and Cutter said he is getting me a tractor cake for my birthday. They are too funny! I guess that is all for today but am going to get back into the BLOG of things once we get this week under our belt.

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Shelley said...

Super Cute little boys. If it makes you feel any better, little girls fight just the same!