Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cutter and Carsyn's View

I went to take the boys to swimming lessons last night and the swim instructor's mom just happened to be there. She had to sit me down and tell me all the good stories Cutter and Carsyn had been telling their swim teacher, Baylie. Baylie is a junior in high school by the way. Clark has mentioned more than once that he had to learn to swim from his grandmother not a cute high school girl. So Baylie's mom begins to tell me all the little stories. We laughed and laughed until we were in tears so I thought I would share. Some explaining will have to go along with this so be patient.

Cutter on being put under water-"That was rude! I did not want to do that!" Baylie said he said it in all seriousness and he was a little mad at her too. Apparently Clark's mom has been telling them it's rude to splash each other in the bath tub.

Carsyn on how he got his bruise on his hip-"Clark hit me real hard cause I got attitude" Now if you don't already know, Clark is the sucker around here. Carsyn will say "Daddy don't spank me" and Clark will actually give in. I did go ahead and explain that Carsyn actually got that bruise when he was running from his brother at Mimi's and ran into a chair. What a stinker. At least the kid realizes he has attitude but I have to realize he just isn't willing to change it.

Carsyn on being too full to swim- "i ate too much cassewole(casserole). It was green. Cassewole makes me big" Again, where does he come up with this stuff!

Cutter on Baylie's anatomy - "Baylie, you have boobies" Thanks Titi! Maybe you can give them the birds and the bees talk when they go to Kindergarten! I was mortified. But Baylie thought it was hilarious.

Thank heavens for understanding swim instructors and their parents! I'm afraid this is only the beginning of my being shocked, embarrassed, and maybe a whole lot of mortified by what these boys will come up with to say in public.

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