Monday, July 21, 2008

Lubbock-Day 2

Day 2 we drove into Lubbock at lunch time. Luckily, my Nanny and Papa were in Lubbock at the same time coming home from Ruidoso so they met me at the mall for lunch. Did I mention that it rained all day? I was beginning to worry how I was going to get these kids worn down before taking them to the hotel or FFA convention. South Plains Mall has an indoor play place. My kids are probably pushing the size limitations but I let them play anyways. There were just a few kids there at first. Carsyn did get into a dispute with a little girl. I guess he made her mad so she slapped him so in turn he slapped her back. In the South Plains Mall, I gave my first speech on how no matter what, we do not hit girls. They finally got tired so that was my cue it was safe to do a little shopping. Later in the afternoon we met up with Clark and the "big kids". We went to Buffalo Wild Wings....I have no idea why we took a bunch of high school kids to a bar but we did. Who eats hot wings without a drink to go along with them? Not me!

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