Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 3 and 4

Day 3- We attended the convention during that morning. The boys loved the laser show and to see all the big kids in action. Later that afternoon, we met up with one of our friends from college, Kelly, and her little girl, Braylee at the park. They played and played. I left my camera in the truck. Hopefully Kelly will post some pictures soon and I can post them here.

Day 4- Oh what a day! It was so much fun. That morning we went to a place called Jump N Jungle for Mommy and me time. That means kids under 6 are the only ones allowed...besides moms and dads of course. This place was a 10,000 sq ft barn with huge blow up bouncers. Two had such steep slides that I even lost my tummy. Wished it would have stayed on the slide too. They ran for 2 hours straight. Never stopped once...even to check to see where I was. I tried to keep up but finally gave up. After lunch, we went to the FFA convention to watch a Goldthwaite student sing the national anthem. Pretty awesome! The boys and I then headed for the Science Spectrum for a movie about dinosaurs. They weren't too sure at first but as soon as the dinosaur turned around and pooped down on us, Carsyn leaned over and said "this is fun mommy". And I have continued to hear about the dinosaur pooping. I have to include one last picture from this day because after 4 days, these boys were tired.

This is Cutter and Carsyn passed out in the bed together at 6pm. They were so tired that they didn't wake up until the next day at 7am. If only I could wear them out like this everyday.

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