Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cutter said......

Yesterday was Mother's Day Out! I love Tuesdays! The theme at MDO was winter. Why they picked the hottest day of the year to pretend like it's winter I will never know. Cutter and Carsyn just had to wear their big pants(denim jeans) but I was able to talk them into a short sleeve shirt by telling them that they could wear their jackets and ski hats. Carsyn chose a shirt so I tried to put the same shirt on Cutter but he was having none of that. He wanted to wear his new shirt that says "Mimi's Boy". It's probably a good thing the other kids can't read because he probably would have had a hard day at school. We made it to school and was putting every thing into their cubbies. Remember they are wearing a jacket and ski hat.

Cutter says "Mimi's Boy is hot". I thought that was so funny. I asked who Mimi's Boy was and he said "cutter". So we had to take off the jacket and hat!

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