Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 5 and 6

Day 5- The picture above is of Carsyn and Cutter at the convention. This is during pre-session and they play lots of loud music which means lots of dancing for my boys. We also visited our neighbors who mainly live in Lubbock. They come in once every couple of months. We had pie and coffee at their house and the boys got to see their huge cat. What else could two boys want? We also drove back to Snyder later this evening so we could take advantage of one more night with my grandmother and grandpa. The boys had a blast and are still talking about all they did

Day 6-Did not leave Snyder until 3pm due to Clark running late. We met up so I could put all the "big kids" luggage in the back of my truck. Then I followed a school bus all the way home driving 60mph. My 2hr45min trip took us 4 hours. I was tired...still am I guess. I have to rest up this week so I can be ready to spend the week in Corpus next week....if the hurricane doesn't hit!

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