Thursday, July 10, 2008

"That Cat"-Part 2

"That Cat" now known as Houdini
Yes, there is more. This cat has been giving Mimi and PiPi the fits. After mom brings the cat home from the office in a paper box, she leaves him sitting out on the carport in the box with the lid on. While she is inside changing clothes and getting supper ready, dad comes in and asks where the cat is. She says "on the carport in the box". He says "I didn't see any box". While MiMi was inside, a wind storm had blown up and blew the cat and the box way. She still hasn't found part of the box. So again the cat is missing. Around 9:00pm the cat shows back up and Mimi stealthily sneaks up on it and captures it. They decide to put the cat in a 50 gallon drum barre ll for the night..with food and milk of course. The cat loves being in the barrel but Mimi decides the next morning that Pipi should put it in a horse stall during the day after he turns out the horses. I'm sure this was Pipi's worst nightmare. Sometime in the course of the day the cat digs out of the horse stall and escapes. Mimi comes home to find there is no cat. So last evening she is sitting outside talking on the phone and she sees the cat jump out from under PiPi's truck. This cat loves cars. So again she has to sneak up on it and capture it. As of about 9pm last night the cat was crated in the horse trailer. I said Pipi will turn into the weird cat guy because every time he loads his horses, that cat will have to go too. Imagine that and try not to giggle. Well I better get back to my chores. I'm sure there will be more to this story.

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tonyab said...

I am REALLY enjoying these cat stories..especially when they have to do with Pipi. HA! What a cat!