Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Countdown is On

It's finally time. I don't know if I'm dreading this trip or looking forward to it. We are leaving Sunday for our trip to Lubbock for the State FFA Convention. I am so thankful it is in Lubbock since we have lots of friends there and I think I know my way around pretty good. What I am dreading is the next 3 days of cleaning, washing, and packing. I always forget something MY toothbrush. I'm also dreading the drive. The boys are usually pretty good. I always pack a lot off movies and a few snacks to keep them entertained. The problem is now that they are potty trained, it's fun to see how many times they can get mommy to stop the truck for a bathroom break. I always stop because I do no want to deal with an accident but I finally get smart and realize they are playing games with me. We will stop in Snyder on Sunday and spend the night with my grandparents. Before the boys were born, I would go there to get spoiled but I'm just chopped liver now. I barely get a hug from anyone when I get there. They come out and get the boys and I'm left there standing with the bags. LOL! It's really not that bad. My grandmother will get halfway to the porch and realize she hasn't hugged me and come back. I'm okay with being second best...I had my turn for 23 years and would love for my boys to be spoiled by them like I was....without having to deal with the aftermath that my dad always talks about. I probably will not post the rest of the week unless it's something really exciting. I plan on being very busy. I most likely will take my computer and be able to post some things from Lubbock. We have plans to meet up with friends and do some stuff. Then there are my chaperoning duties. I guess Clark has one girl he is really worried about so guess who will get to handle that...ME! I hope to come off intimidating..someone you don't want to mess with because she doesn't know me. I will keep my fingers crossed that all the other kids don't fill her in on the real me. Well I have dedicated this day to relaxation and play with my boys so I'm off to go watch them swim outside. They can throw up in this pool all they want. No one will see and I can clean the pool myself. Have a Happy Hump Day!

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Vicki Miller said...

Call us if you have any free time! We would love to see you!