Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Rest of the Story-4th Of July Tales

So I'm going to finish my tale of our 4th of July weekend. I had made plans to go to Stephenville to meet up with MiMi. Our plans were to take the boys to Cleburne to the Splash Station. I should have know after Saturday morning that I should have stayed at home and in bed. Nothing went right. I was way off schedule and for those of you who know me..you know that I am always on time and on schedule. So I meet up with the MiMi and we head off to Cleburne. She had prepared lunch so we could have a picnic. We stopped between Stephenville and Glenrose at a very nice road side park. Yes, we know that's where serial killers hang out! We sent PiPi a text telling him where we were. His response "Afraid someone is going to get you?". So we took a picture on MiMi's camera phone and sent him a picture of all four of us for our missing persons photo. His response "Looks like a bunch of aliens". We happily eat our lunch where Mimi and I discuss that we are glad the boys are eating right now so their food has time to settle. Remember this for later on! So we head on over to Cleburne and happily enjoy some time at the Splash Station. The next thing I know the Mimi has ditched me and is at the concession stand trying to get some drinks. So I drag these boys out and Mimi fills them up with some Hawaiian green slushy. We head back to the pool. This is where it gets a little exciting. Cutter and Carsyn wanted to show up how they could go under water..and they were doing great. Until Carsyn swallowed water on his last try. Of course there was a lot of coughing and snorting but then came the LOUD.and I do mean LOUD water burp. The kind of burp that gets every one's attention over all those kids screaming. I'm a newbie at all this so it takes me a few moments to react but i eventually start making my way to the side of the pool. On my way there, Carsyn throws up the "GREEN Hawaiian Slushy". Mothers are grabbing their children left and right. I caught most of it in my hand so I really should be the one grossed out. I look around to try to find MiMi and Cutter to tell them I think we should get out.....BUT I see them heading for the other side of the pool. My own mom is trying to pretend she doesn't know who we are. So I get out with my twin to go sit down and she eventually makes her way to her chair...after long enough that people aren't paying any attention anymore. We were the only ones getting out of the pool and leaving. Go figure!

Later at the MiMi's house, we are sitting outside and I hear a kitten crying. I look out in my dad's horse lot and there stands one of my kittens. Did I mention that on the way back from Cleburne mom and I both heard a strange noise! Well it dawns on me that this kitten has ridden up by my engine from Goldthwaite to Stephenville..from Stephenvile to Cleburne..from Cleburne back to Stephenville. So I chase it around but can never catch it. Monday morning I get ready to leave and as I am getting into my truck, I can hear this cat crying. Once again she is trying to hitch a ride. I pop the hood, take her out, and go put her in PiPi's barn. I leave. Today the Mimi calls and says that she saw the cat in her carport last night so she put out food and milk by her car. She leaves for work this morning but sees no cat. Later on at work one of her coworkers come to get her and tells her there is a problem. She is thinking in her superintendent mode so what she is about to see never crosses her mind. She walks outside to see "that cat" sleeping on her driver side tire. So she has to sneak up on this cat and grab it so she can take it back to the house. As of lunch, "that cat" was sleeping in Mimi's office in a box happy as a lark. Can you imagine this in Mimi's office? I get tickled every time I think about it.

And to top off my weekend, we went shopping at Wal-mart on Sunday and then I went in to pick up the pizza and the whole time my pants were unzipped. I thought people were smiling at me a lot.

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tonyab said...

I literally laughed out loud several times while reading this one. Wes kept looking at me like I was strange. You really have a great sense of humor. I love reading your blogs. Don't you just HATE it when you finally notice the pants are unzipped after SEVERAL people already have.