Thursday, July 31, 2008

Take me out to the Ball Game!

<---Cutter's baseball pose(he is pretending to hold a bat)

Carsyn's baseball pose

Me and my boys having some fun
We have enjoyed a lot of baseball this week. This is a great place for these two boys. We have been to two Hooks games and probably will go back tonight after the family night meal at the conference. OH have I mentioned we are in Corpus this week? Clark is here for Ag teachers conference. The boys really enjoy watching the big screen and seeing the baseball players do their poses. They try to imitate them. I caught both of them doing their baseball card poses with my cameras. We have had tons of fun this week. Trying to get our blog updated on all the fun stuff.

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tonyab said...

You can NOT tell me you are not tan. You look great. And the pictures of the boys crack me up!